Spinal Arthritis in Austin, TX

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About Spinal Arthritis

Spinal arthritis is a joint disease that impacts the joints, discs, bone, and cartilage of the spine. Though the condition can affect any area of the spinal column, it most often occurs in the neck and lower back regions. Spinal arthritis commonly results from normal wear and tear that accompanies the aging process. However, it can also be caused by damage to the spine from years of repetitive movement, trauma, and medical conditions, such as infections. No matter which portion of the spine is affected, the resulting symptoms can be severe and even debilitating. At Tricity Pain Associates, our physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating arthritis of the neck and back. If your chronic back pain cannot be relieved with medication or other palliative care, we invite you to schedule a private consultation at our pain management facilities in Round Rock and South Austin, TX to learn about your treatment options.

Spinal Arthritis Treatment

While there are many forms of spinal arthritis, the variations most commonly affecting patients include spondyloarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Our pain management specialists will evaluate your treatment needs based on the type of condition affecting your neck and back, pain level, medical history, and age. While damage resulting from arthritis cannot be reversed, there is a range of treatment solutions that can help relieve your painful symptoms. Some of these options include exercises, physical therapy, corticosteroid injections and oral medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and lifestyle changes. To relieve inflammation and pain in more advanced cases, a surgical approach to care may be recommended.

As a state-of-the-art facility, Tricity Pain Associates offers a range of advanced solutions to minimize your neck or back pain and get you back to enjoying life. Schedule your consultation with one of our experts today by contacting either our South Austin or Round Rock, TX practice location.

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