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About a Pinched Nerve

When tissues place an increased amount of pressure on a nerve within the body, the nerve itself can become compressed or “pinched.” A pinched nerve often causes symptoms, such as pain, weakness, tingling, and numbness. Though nerve compression can occur anywhere within the body, the condition is most often noticed in the spine, resulting in upper or lower back pain. At Tricity Pain Associates, our team of experts is pleased to offer advanced treatment pinched nerve pain solutions to help manage the uncomfortable symptoms. We utilize the latest in state-of-the-art techniques to diagnose your condition and customize a treatment plan suited to your individualized needs. For more on relief from a pinched nerve, reserve your consultation at our Round Rock or South Austin, TX location today.

Pinched Nerve Treatment

Tricity Pain Associates offers a number of therapeutic solutions to help alleviate the discomfort created by a pinched nerve. Once we evaluate your symptoms and determine the cause of your nerve compression, a personalized treatment strategy can be established and our specialists can explain your treatment options to you. These options may include steroid injections, physical therapy, or mediations. In some cases, a decompression procedure may be suggested to alleviate the pressure on the affected nerve. Aftercare instructions will also be reviewed to help you experience optimal results as you heal.

Get the pinched nerve care you need from a dedicated, reliable pain management team. To schedule your private consultation with one of our certified physicians, contact Tricity Pain Associates in South Austin or Round Rock, TX today.

Pinched Nerve FAQ

What are the common symptoms of a pinched nerve?
The common symptoms of a pinched nerve include numbness and a sharp, aching, or burning pain. A tingling pins and needles sensation, muscle weakness in the affected area, or a frequent feeling that a foot or hand has "fallen asleep."

What causes a pinched nerve? 
A pinched nerve happens when too much pressure is applied to the nerve by the surrounding tissues. They can be caused by an injury, stress from repetitive work, or hobbies or sports activities. Schedule an appointment in our office to learn more and get treated for your pain.

How long does pinched nerve pain last?
A pinched nerve can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. The moment you experience a pinched nerve and need treatment, you should contact our professionals at Tricity Pain Associates. For proper pinched nerve treatment, contact our office in Austin, TX, so we can give you the relief you need.

Is it possible to prevent a pinched nerve?
Maintaining good positioning, like not crossing your legs or staying in one position for a long time will help. Incorporating strength and flexibility exercises into your exercise program and maintaining a healthy weight are great ways to help prevent a pinched nerve.

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