Neuropathy (Peripheral Neuropathy) in Austin, TX

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About Neuropathy

At Tricity Pain Associates, our certified physicians are pleased to offer effective treatment options to relieve the symptoms of neuropathy, a disorder resulting from nerve damage. Neuropathy is classified based on where in the body it occurs and may take the form of proximal, autonomic, focal, or peripheral neuropathy. As one of the most common types, peripheral neuropathy impacts the peripheral nerves or those that are located beyond the brain and spinal cord. Patients who have peripheral neuropathy often experience pain, tingling, and other uncomfortable symptoms that may require care from a qualified physician. When peripheral or other forms of neuropathy affect you or a loved one, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our certified physicians. Our state-of-the-art pain management centers located in Round Rock and South Austin, TX, offer a range of neuropathy treatments in Austin, TX treatment to help you diminish the unpleasant symptoms that often accompany this disorder.

Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy treatment in Austin, TX, may vary among individuals and is tailored to address personalized needs. However, in many situations, we will begin with the most conservative approach, which may include physical therapy, medications, and alternative solutions, like lifestyle changes and acupuncture. Patients suffering from more severe conditions may be best treated with steroid injections, nerve stimulation, a nerve block, or other forms of specialized care. Your unique treatment plan will be created to address the type of neuropathy, associated symptoms, and the source of the disorder. During your consultation, our team of pain management experts will explain the treatments ideal for your individual neuropathy relief needs and help you determine the appropriate course of care.

Get the solutions you need to treat and minimize the symptoms of neuropathy. Reserve your treatment consultation today at Tricity Pain Associates in South Austin and Round Rock, TX.

Neuropathy FAQ

What is the best method for neuropathy relief? 
Many patients report neuropathy pain to be extreme and sometimes unbearable. Ask our team about possible over-the-counter medications or prescription medications that will help. You can consider discussing some lifestyle changes that may assist you. Reach out to our team to learn more!

What are the common causes of neuropathy?
One of the most common causes is diabetes. Others are issues like vitamin deficiencies, trauma, surgeries, or chemotherapy. For more information on the type of treatment that works well for your situation, contact our neuropathy relief professionals at Tricity Pain Associates.

What causes peripheral neuropathy?
There are a variety of situations that can cause peripheral neuropathy. These can include traumatic injuries, exposure to toxins, infections, or inherited causes. For the proper neuropathy treatment in Austin, TX, to suit your needs contact our facility today so we can get started.

Can anything be done to assist with numbing or tingling? 
Some steps can possibly be taken to assist with the numbing or tingling sensation felt from nerve damage. When you schedule an appointment with our team, we will be able to provide some suggestions on the type of topical pain relief or pain relievers that would work best for your situation.

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