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About Nerve Pain

Nerves are fibers located throughout the body that are responsible for transmitting pain and other sensations, such as when you bang your elbow, stub your toe, or experience another type of injury. When nerves are affected on a chronic level and are not elicited by any singular event, the result is often a neuropathic disorder that signals the body to feel pain, even in the absence of an injury. Chronic nerve pain is a condition that is commonly very uncomfortable and even debilitating unless proper care is received. Our certified physicians at Tricity Pain Associates are pleased to offer effective treatment solutions to help manage your nerve pain and get you back to enjoying your daily routine. Learn more about how we treat various forms of chronic nerve pain, including trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia, by visiting either our Round Rock or South Austin, TX location. We look forward to helping you achieve nerve pain relief.

Nerve Pain FAQ

What triggers nerve pain? 
Nerve pain can have many triggers ranging from issues in the central nervous system to disease or injury. You don't have to deal with neverending pain, as nerve pain relief in Austin, TX is possible. Contact our team to schedule an appointment so you can get started.

Will treatment for nerve pain hurt? 
Although nerve pain treatment can cause discomfort, the pain you experience throughout your day is likely worse than the treatment. Some treatment options can include pain medications, exercise, and nerve stimulation (to block pain sensations from reaching your brain).

What is trigeminal neuralgia nerve pain? 
Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition where the pain feels like an electric shock is present on one side of the face. It impacts the trigeminal nerve. This nerve carries that painful sensation from your face up to your brain. To learn more about this condition and how we can assist, contact our team.


Nerve Pain Treatment

Before we begin your pain management care, we will take time to learn about your symptoms and medical history and discover the source behind your nerve pain, whether you need neuropathy relief, ?trigeminal neuralgia pain relief, or a different treatment. We may provide a comprehensive assessment of your condition by administering diagnostic services, like pain mapping, to determine the precise location of your discomfort. Once the diagnostic process is complete and we know more about your unique condition, our team can talk with you about treatment options that may best meet your needs. Your treatment may include therapies like nerve blocks, steroid injections, and other innovative solutions designed to minimize the effects of neuropathic pain.

To find nerve relief in Austin, TX from chronic nerve pain, get in touch with Tricity Pain Associates in South Austin and Round Rock, TX and reserve a private consultation with one of our qualified physicians.

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