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About Neck Pain

Neck pain may occur in varying degrees among patients of all ages. Mild to severe pain in the shoulder and neck areas commonly results from factors like poor posture, overuse or strained muscles, and past injuries, among others. As chronic neck pain may indicate the presence of a more serious medical issue and impact your overall quality of living, it is important to visit an experienced neck pain specialist in Austin, TX, to have your symptoms assessed. The highly trained team at Tricity Pain Associates offers a range of diagnostic services, advanced procedures, and noninvasive treatment options to identify the source of your pain and help diminish your discomfort. For more on therapeutic options that can enhance your long-term health and wellness and relieve neck pain, contact our Round Rock or South Austin, TX, practice location and schedule a consultation with one of our pain management experts.

How Is Neck Pain Treated?

While in many cases of acute neck pain in Austin, TX, patients resolve without the need for treatment, symptoms that persist for longer than a week may require attention from a pain management specialist. The skilled team of experts at Tricity Pain Associates tailors each course of care to meet individual needs, conditions, and symptoms. Using the latest diagnostic techniques, our team will fully assess your neck pain and condition and design a custom neck pain treatment approach. These therapeutic options may entail heat and cold therapy, physical therapy, steroid injections, medication, neck collars, or nerve stimulation. To optimize treatment outcomes, a multi-pronged strategy involving a combination of therapies may be utilized in many cases. 

If you are experiencing persistent neck or shoulder pain, we encourage you to reserve a consultation with our expert physicians at Tricity Pain Associates in South Austin and Round Rock, TX, to help relieve the neck pain you've been experiencing.

Neck Pain FAQ

When should I check in with the doctor about neck pain?
If you have consistent pain that has lasted more than a few days, a tingling sensation, dull ache, or a restricted range of motion, it is time to schedule an appointment. Putting it off may cause the condition to worsen. Contact our neck pain specialist in Austin, TX, so we can customize a treatment plan that will help you get the relief you've been waiting for.

How long does it take to relieve neck pain?
Relief from neck pain depends on the reason for the pain. If it is because of head trauma or other incidents, it may take longer. You can also make lifestyle choices to experience neck pain relief, including stretching and hydration. If you are suffering from consistent neck pain, contact our offices today for a consultation.

What does neck pain treatment consist of?
Neck pain treatment varies from patient to patient. From a spinal adjustment to corrective exercise, massage therapy, and more. When you schedule an appointment for neck pain treatment, our Austin, TX team will be able to pinpoint exactly what type of therapy is needed.

Will treatment for neck pain hurt?
Your exact treatment for neck pain relief will depend on where the pain is located and how we plan to treat it. While you may have some discomfort, the treatment will likely be less than the pain that you've endured. Physical therapy or another type of treatment like an adjustment may be necessary to get you on the right track.

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