Lower Back Pain in Austin, TX

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About Lower Back Pain

Affecting the bottom portion of the spine, lower back pain often presents as a throbbing or sharp sensation that may be acute or chronic in nature. The spine is a complex system comprised of the spinal cord and nerves, bones, muscles, tendons, and cartilage discs that all work symbiotically to enable you to sit, stand, walk, and move. When these tissues become damaged or injured, resulting in lower back pain, it is important to visit an experienced back pain specialist in Austin, like those at Tricity Pain Associates. We utilize advanced diagnostic techniques to identify the source of your back pain or damage and personalize a treatment plan to help manage your symptoms and address your treatment needs. Find the relief you need from lower back pain by scheduling your consultation with one of our pain management specialists at Tricity Pain Associates in South Austin and Round Rock, TX.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

To determine the cause of your lower back pain, our team may perform a series of diagnostic processes. In general, pain that dissipates in a short time is regarded as acute. Chronic pain, however, may require expert care and endures over the course of weeks or months. Acute pain may be resolved with a less invasive approach to care, including physical therapy and medication. Conditions that persist or do not respond to conservative treatments may be best addressed with advanced services, such as nerve stimulation or injections. A combination or a series of treatments may be recommended to optimize results over the long-term.

Our team at Tricity Pain Associates is here to improve your comfort and quality of life through effective, minimally invasive treatment options. To learn how we can help relieve lower back pain, contact our Round Rock or South Austin, TX practice location to reserve an appointment with one of our qualified physicians.  

Lower Back Pain FAQ

What causes lower back pain?

Lower back pain may be caused by a number of factors, including stress, injury, or damage to the muscles, vertebral discs, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues. Compression of the nerves, arthritis, narrowing of the spinal canal, and additional medical conditions can also lead to lower back pain. Visiting a skilled back pain specialist in Austin, TX, can help relieve lower back pain and other symptoms.

Is lower back pain serious?

Pain in the lower back can range from being a minor annoyance to a debilitating symptom. In some instances, lower back pain can be a sign of a concerning medical issue. It is important to seek medical attention for any pain that persists or if lower back pain is accompanied by other symptoms, such as bladder incontinence or weakness in the extremities.

Can my lower back pain be treated?

At Tricity Pain Associates, our pain management doctors help patients through South Austin and Round Rock, TX, manage lower back discomfort. We used advanced technology to perform assessments and conduct diagnostic procedures to help identify the source of discomfort and determine how to best treat and relieve lower back pain. Treatment options might include medication or physical therapy, nerve stimulation, injections, or a combination of services. We will review all of your treatment options and help you determine the best method for your needs.

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