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About Facet Syndrome

Facet joints are structures located within the spine that help facilitate flexibility and multi-directional movement, support, and stability of the body. Along with a vertebra and a large disc, a pair of facet joints makes up each segment of the spine. When the facet joints become damaged, worn, or inflamed from injury or overuse, it often causes a painful condition known as facet syndrome. Patients suffering from this condition frequently experience significant pain in the neck or back after long periods of standing or sitting. If you believe facet syndrome may be affecting your comfort and mobility, we encourage you to schedule a visit with our specialized team at Tricity Pain Associates. Our Round Rock and South Austin, TX locations utilize the latest in diagnostic techniques and innovative treatments to help minimize your discomfort and enhance your day-to-day life.

Facet Syndrome Treatment

While damage to the facet joints may be irreversible, our team of certified physicians is pleased to offer several treatment options that can minimize its symptoms and alleviate your pain. For most cases, we begin with lifestyle changes, such as a weight loss plan, along with daily stretching, walking, and other low-impact activities. Additional solutions may include addressing poor posture through small positional adjustments in how you stand, sit, and sleep on a daily basis. In cases where these treatment modalities do not yield favorable results, we may integrate steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications, or physical therapy into your care. Surgery may be an ideal option in certain situations.

Get the convenient, dependable care you need for long-term health and comfort. Learn more about your options for treating facet syndrome by scheduling a visit with our expert team at Tricity Pain Associates in South Austin or Round Rock, TX.

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