Degenerative Disc Disease in Austin, TX

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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is a spinal condition that commonly affects patients age 60 and older. As we go through the aging process, the discs (which function as shock absorbers between the vertebrae in the spine) begin to shrink and lose their flexibility. The deterioration of one or more spinal discs often generates pain and discomfort in the neck or back area. In many cases, this leads to symptoms, like pain, tingling and numbness, decreased mobility, and muscle weakness. At Tricity Pain Associates, our caring team is delighted to provide personalized treatment options for patients affected by degenerative disc disease. During a private consultation, we can evaluate your needs and condition and develop a pain management strategy to help increase your quality of living and enhance your overall comfort. Get in touch with our Round Rock or South Austin, TX facility today and reserve your visit with one of our certified physicians.

Degenerative Disc Treatment

While a vertebral disc cannot be regenerated following the deterioration process, our specialists can recommend a range of innovative treatments to help manage the pain and other symptoms that accompany degenerative disc disease. Minimally invasive therapies commonly used include pain and anti-inflammatory medications, hot and cold compresses, spinal mobilization, and physical therapy. Severe cases of degenerative disc disease may be best treated with a surgical approach.

Regardless of what your treatment needs may be, our experts at Tricity Pain Associates want to help enrich the quality of your life and alleviate your discomfort. Reserve your appointment for a consultation at one of our facilities located in Round Rock and South Austin, TX.

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