Spinal Cord Stimulation in Austin, TX

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About Spinal Cord Stimulation

At Tricity Pain Associates, we offer the innovative treatment option of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) to minimize back pain. As an alternative to back surgery or conventional treatment modalities, SCS works through a small stimulator device implanted within the body that sends mild electric currents to the spinal cord. These currents alter or block the transmission of pain signals before they reach the brain, minimizing back, neck, arm, or leg pain that may be occurring from a range of factors. In some cases, a spinal pump (intrathecal pump implant) may be placed to deliver pain medication directly to the nerves of the spine. If you have tried other treatment options and have not yet found success, our certified physicians may recommend SCS to help better manage your symptoms. Reach out to our South Austin or Round Rock, TX practice today and schedule a consultation to explore the option of spinal cord stimulation.  

SCS Treatment

Before beginning your SCS therapy, a week-long trial period will be conducted so that our team can identify the type of stimulation implant device that will best serve your needs. When you visit our practice for your implantation procedure, we will ask you to lie flat on your stomach as we utilize a live x-ray (fluoroscopy) to precisely guide the SCS device into the treatment area. A small incision will be made in the spine to allow for placement of the lead wire while the electric pulse generator will be positioned through a second incision in the lower back. Spinal cord stimulation will then be controlled through a handheld remote control. Once the wire is connected to the generator and tested for effectiveness, the incisions will be sutured.

Ease your pain with personalized, compassionate care from our team. For more information on spinal cord stimulation in Round Rock or Austin, TX, reserve your consultation with a skilled specialist at Tricity Pain Associates.

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