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About PRP Therapy

Tricity Pain Associates is pleased to offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to help patients find relief from chronic pain. As the clear liquid component of the blood, plasma is comprised of nutrient-rich proteins (fibrinogen and albumin), clotting factors (platelets), and antibodies. The role of plasma is to carry these important factors throughout the body and eliminate cellular waste. Plasma, when isolated from the blood, can be utilized to effectively treat a range of conditions, such as the inflammation that results from osteoarthritis. PRP therapy has also been used throughout the medical field for a number of years to treat wounds, joint pain, torn ligaments, and injured muscles. Offering a minimally invasive approach to care, PRP therapy uses your own blood to encourage the natural regeneration of cells and tissues and minimize inflammation within the body. To learn if this approach may be right for your chronic pain and healthcare needs, schedule a consultation at our Round Rock or South Austin, TX pain management practice today.

PRP Treatment

PRP therapy is a relatively simple procedure performed in one of our private treatment rooms. When you arrive for your procedure, we will take a small amount of blood from your arm, which is then placed into a centrifuge machine. This machine will spin the sample for 15 minutes, separating the blood into separate components. After loading the blood plasma into a syringe, our team will precisely administer the solution into your treatment areas. You are free to resume your normal daily activities once your treatment is complete. PRP therapy helps to encourage cellular repair and optimize the healing response in inflamed or injured muscles, ligaments, and tendons by releasing your body’s own growth factors. While PRP can be effective for a number of health concerns, it is showing great results in patients suffering from arthritis.

Schedule your visit to Tricity Pain Associates in South Austin or Round Rock, TX to learn more about how PRP therapy can reduce the chronic discomfort of arthritis and other conditions.

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