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About Discogram

At Tricity Pain Associates, our certified physicians are exceptionally skilled at treating the chronic pain caused by advanced age, certain medical conditions, and injuries ranging from broken bones to spinal cord damage. We are pleased to offer advanced diagnostic testing and imaging to patients in the South Austin and Round Rock, TX areas, including discography techniques. A discogram is a type of imaging procedure that assists our physicians in determining if the source of your back pain is resulting from a specific intervertebral disc. An effective and safe diagnostic technique, discography uses contrast dye and x-ray technology to accurately determine where your discomfort is originating. Once we have this information, we can create a personalized treatment strategy to address your condition and symptoms. Contact one of our Austin area pain management facilities today to schedule your discography and treatment consultation.

Discogram Technique

Intervertebral discs are sponge-like structures that separate the vertebrae and aid in movement, support, and shock absorption within the spinal column. To perform a discography procedure, our practitioners will inject a special contrast dye into one or more of these intervertebral discs. The dye then can be visualized on a fluoroscopy monitor (live x-ray feed) positioned over your spine, which will be viewed once the dye has been administered. Our team will evaluate these diagnostic images to determine if the discs have suffered any damage and whether this could be the source of your back pain. The procedure time for a discogram may vary based upon the number of discs undergoing testing but generally takes between 30 – 60 minutes to perform.  

Our team of certified physicians at Tricity Pain Associates is skilled at identifying the source of and treating chronic back pain. To learn whether you may be a good candidate for discography, contact our Round Rock or South Austin, TX location and reserve your consultation.

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