Peripheral Nerve Field Stimulation in Austin, TX

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About Nerve Stimulation

Peripheral nerve field stimulation is a minimally invasive technique for relieving chronic pain caused by migraines, neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), and other conditions. The procedure positions electrodes beneath the skin in areas where the pain is originating or adjacent to affected peripheral nerves (those located outside of the spinal cord and brain). An external device, which is controlled by the patient, then transmits mild electrical pulses to the targeted area, relieving the sensation of pain. Peripheral nerve field stimulation may be an ideal treatment option for a range of patients, depending on individual symptoms, conditions, and medical history. Tricity Pain Associates is pleased to serve the Round Rock and South Austin, TX communities with excellence in specialized pain management care. To learn if peripheral nerve field stimulation can help diminish your chronic pain, contact one of our practices today to reserve your initial consultation.

Nerve Stimulation Treatment

Before beginning the procedure, our team will thoroughly numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Live-feed x-ray technology will be utilized to guide the precise positioning of electrodes within the treatment locations. Electrical pulses will then be delivered to the nerves and other tissues through an external device. A temporary device may be left in place for about a week to monitor pain relief and evaluate treatment results. If the outcome proves successful, a permanent unit may be positioned to help manage pain over the long-term. Peripheral nerve field stimulation is generally successful for every two out of three individuals; however, overall results may vary among patients.

Explore the option of peripheral nerve field stimulation by scheduling a consultation at Tricity Pain Associates located in South Austin and Round Rock, TX.

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