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About Lysis of Adhesions

Bands of scar tissue, also called adhesions, that form within the epidural space of the spine following surgery or other health issues can lead to severe leg and back pain in some individuals. To help Austin area patients who are living with long-term discomfort from epidural adhesions, our team of skilled physicians offers a minimally invasive procedure known as lysis of adhesions. This technique severs these bands of scar tissue that form in the epidural space through the use of a catheter, which breaks up the lesions and allows for the administration of steroids or anesthetic medications. If you suspect that epidural lesions may be the source of your back or leg pain and conventional therapies have been ineffective, get in touch with Tricity Pain Associates to schedule your consultation at our Round Rock or South Austin, TX practice. Lysis of adhesions may be an ideal solution to help alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Lysis of Adhesions Technique

A number of patients may be ideal candidates for lysis of adhesions procedures, including those who have suffered damage to the spine or a history of spinal surgery. Advanced x-rays or CT scans of the spine will be taken to confirm the presence and location of scar tissue. On the day of the procedure, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the treatment sites and a sedative may be administered to ensure your comfort. Using a live x-ray monitor, our team will precisely position the catheter to break up the scar tissue and inject steroids, anesthetics, saline, and other medicaments into the area. Some patients may benefit from a series of injections administered over the course of several days, in which case, the catheter would remain in place until it is no longer needed. When the catheter has been removed, our team will provide follow-up instructions and information on what you can expect from the healing process.

Find relief from epidural adhesions from a dedicated team of pain management specialists. Contact Tricity Pain Associates in Round Rock or South Austin, TX today to reserve your private consultation.

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