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About Kyphoplasty

As a comprehensive pain management center, Tricity Pain Associates offers minimally invasive treatment solutions for addressing kyphosis and relieving the pain resulting from spinal compression fractures. Kyphosis is a condition that may result from a spinal compression fracture and describes a curvature in the spine that affects posture, spinal alignment, and bone height. Kyphoplasty is a procedure used to treat the condition by positioning a small balloon into the spinal area. The balloon is then filled with air to create a cavity, which helps to stabilize the bone and guide it back into its proper position. A special cement-like substance is then injected into the space to secure the vertebra. If you or a loved one suffers from spinal compression fractures or kyphosis, we encourage you to schedule a visit at our Round Rock or South Austin, TX pain management facility. Our certified physicians are highly experienced at performing kyphoplasty and can help stabilize your spine to ease pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Kyphoplasty Technique

At Tricity Pain Associates, kyphoplasty is provided on an outpatient basis under local or general anesthesia. Using advanced imaging technology called fluoroscopy, our team will make a small incision in your back and gently insert a small tube to allow for precise positioning of the balloon. The balloon will be filled with air and then removed, leaving behind a cavity. Polymethylmethacrylate will be injected into the newly created space to repair and stabilize the damaged vertebra. A number of vertebrae can be treated at a time, depending on individual needs and other factors with each vertebra taking about one hour to complete. Following the kyphoplasty procedure, we may observe you for a period of time before releasing you to go home.

Kyphoplasty may be an ideal procedure to straighten a spine affected by kyphosis and relieve the pain associated with spinal compression fractures. To learn more about your treatment options, make an appointment at Tricity Pain Associates in South Austin or Round Rock, TX today.

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