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Here at Tricity Pain Associates, our advanced treatments are aimed at addressing conditions that have caused lasting, chronic pain for our patients. Our team performs vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty treatments to help with spinal compression fractures, in addition to other minimally invasive procedures like peripheral nerve field stimulation. View all of our advanced treatments today to learn more about how the Round Rock and South Austin, TX pain management physicians can help to strengthen your well-being.

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Used to treat spinal compression fractures, vertebroplasty injects acrylic bone cement into cracked vertebrae to increase stability and reduce pain.

Kyphoplasty is an innovative procedure performed to treat kyphosis and spinal compression fractures to improve comfort, posture, and spinal height.

Percutaneous discectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that removes damaged tissue within intervertebral discs to alleviate pain and pressure.

Peripheral nerve field stimulation utilizes electrical pulses to relieve chronic pain and discomfort caused by conditions that impact the nerves.

Lysis of adhesions is a minimally invasive technique used to break up scar tissue in the epidural space that may be the cause of back or leg pain.

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