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At Tricity Pain Associates, our team of experienced pain management physicians specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Our state-of-the-art practice offers comprehensive solutions for diminishing the uncomfortable symptoms that often accompany age, injuries, trauma, and health conditions, like migraines, joint pain, and fibromyalgia. As a dedicated team of experts, our practitioners are highly skilled at alleviating mild to complex pain disorders and look forward to enhancing your quality of life with compassionate, personalized care. Whether you are experiencing back or neck pain, numbness, limited range of motion, or other varying concerns, we invite you to reserve a consultation at our Round Rock or South Austin, TX locations and find lasting relief from a team who puts you first.

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As a leader in interventional pain management, Tricity Pain Associates is honored to have an award-winning team of specialists dedicated to delivering excellence in personalized patient care. Each member of our clinical and administrative team is highly trained, experienced, and committed to providing every individual with the best possible solutions to meet their unique conditions and needs. Integrating a multi-pronged and minimally invasive approach, our collective goal is to help each individual regain mobility, restore an active lifestyle, and enjoy life in greater comfort. Tricity Pain Associates is proud to serve the needs of South Austin and Round Rock, TX with superior-level care for simple and complex pain disorders. We invite you to schedule a visit with our certified team and explore your treatment options.

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"Great patient care and management."



"After coming to this office and meeting Dr Kim, having him as my doctor I never want to go anywhere else. Not to forget his staff, and resident doctor, she is also fantastic:)"



"I cannot thank Dr. Kim and his staff enough for helping me manage my back pain. For three years I've struggled with lower back pain and all the different treatment plans, medications, etc. I was referred to Dr. Kim by an orthopedic spine specialist and this was the best thing that could've happened. Dr. Kim immediately assessed the issue and put a plan in place. It's been a couple of months since my ablation and I'm 99% pain free. The pain is no longer debilitating. It's amazing how "normal" I feel and am able to move, bend, twist, etc., without consequences of my lower back locking up on me or giving out. I highly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone that may be experiencing pain and hasn't found a long-term solution."



"A super understanding and caring staff. Dr. Kim helped resolve my pain and has provided support along the way."



"Dr. Kim is the best pain doctor in Austin! Great bedside manner unparalleled to any other pain physician in the area!"




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We understand exactly how debilitating pain and other uncomfortable symptoms can be. If mild to severe pain, numbness, weakness, or other concerns are interfering with your daily life and have not responded to self-care options or medications, please schedule a visit with one of our experts at our Round Rock or South Austin, TX location. We welcome you to learn more about Tricity Pain Associates and look forward enriching your life with quality, dependable care.